Frustrated Accountant

Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Job Type: Permanent
Reference: JO-1909-185596
Salary: Base and Commission
Unlike many career choices your success as a recruitment consultant is not determined by the letters after your name or the number of years in the industry, instead your success is created by your ability to win business from clients and your skills in delivering a valuable service. As people2people continues on its growth path our Sydney teams need an injection of talent.

As a recruiter your role has two elements. Firstly you will have to win the opportunity to recruit for a client. This aspect of the role is something many people are unaware of and is the primary reason for the turnover in the recruitment industry.Winning the opportunity to recruit for a client is not easy in a highly competive enviroment and involves contacting propective clients unsolicited. Recruitment is not a HR role and is more fundamentally a sales role. Recruitment is, of course, part of the Human Resources function but as a recruitment consultant you are not progressing toward a career in HR. The second element of your role as a recruiter is the fullfillment of a vacancy and is the classic understanding of a recruitment consultant where you match the best candidate for the available opportunities and all that comes with this often complicated process.

Your personality, excellent communication skills, tenacity and work ethic are the key competancies required to be a successful recruiter. You are likely to be the person who is told that they talk too much and probably the person that everyone knows has entered the room at a party. You find it easy to make friends and enjoy the company of other people. In addition you work hard, enjoy success and its trappings and want to make an impression. 

Most recruiters say that they had never planned a career in the recruitment ndustry, instead they 'fell into' the role and have never looked back. This is your opportunity to leave behind your current career. You can escape your pre defined career path by picking up the phone and calling Mark Smith on 8270 9730  and learning more. Recruitment Consultants are required to be on the phone most of the day and if you are truly interested in making this career change please call. Emailed applications will be considered as a secondary priority.