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1. Our consultants are genuine industry specialists

Consultants differentiate themselves in the market through the integrity of their service and longevity in the role. Over 40% of people2people consultants have been with the company for more than 5 years.

Our consultants recruit within specific markets, allowing them to pass on the best understanding of market trends to candidates and clients.

At people2people, we have over 250 years of combined consulting experience within the team!

2. Recruitment leaders in new sourcing technologies and social media

Here at people2people, we recognise the need to keep up with changes in recruitment sourcing technology – the biggest being social media. In the last year, people2people have had:

  1. Over 200,000 YouTube views
  2. 600,000 website visitors
  3. 31,000 page views for most popular blog post
  4. 155,000 blog visits
  5. 800-1000 visits per single job ad
  6. 19,000 Twitter followers
  7. 3,400 Instagram followers
  8. 1,400 Linkedin Group followers

3. Personal and professional recruitment with integrity

At people2people, we recognise the importance of providing a valuable and memorable experience. This means consistent and regular contact with candidates and clients alike, honesty throughout the recruitment process and a professional and personal service.

Candidate advocacy: 88% of all registered candidates would promote or are positive about their experience with people2people

Client advocacy: 95% of all clients who have listed a vacancy with people2people would promote or are positive about their experience with people2people.

4. Training and professional development of staff is second to none

From one-to-one induction training, weekly internal group training and all the way through to wider industry facilitated training, people2people recognises the importance of equipping consultants with the most up to date training in an ever changing market.

Here at people2people, we do not feel that learning and development is ever truly complete!

5. Graduate program 

At people2people we believe in growing and fostering new talent. Our program is designed to teach graduates about the recruitment industry from the bottom up by teaming up graduates with experienced consultants. Learn about the art of candidate sourcing, communicating with key clients and stakeholders and how to run a lucrative and successful desk.

From our initiation, people2people’s graduate program has produced some of the most successful consultants within the firm, many of which have progressed to Managers and even Directors of the company.

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