Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Are you responsible for the engagement and management of both internal and external recruitment suppliers?


What is an MSP and why do you need it?

A Managed Service Provider is responsible for the end to end recruitment and management of an organisation’s contingent workforce and for providing a defined set of services which includes:

  • 3rd Party vendor management
  • Contractor Management including on-boarding, off-boarding and compliance
  • Streamlined invoicing – one invoice/one supplier
  • Complete workforce visibility, costing, forecasting and reporting

Why Managed Services?

The most obvious reason is the cost savings and control. How often do you have various contractors from several suppliers all with different rates, documentation and tenure management? people2people HR Solutions can manage the rationalisation of suppliers without eroding your relationships with tried and tested consultants. people2people HR Solutions also manages rate reporting and discrepancies and can provide a management of talent for easier and faster access in the future.

Our reporting system gives you complete visibility by linking to our state-of-the art CMS for a full report on contractor numbers, location and cost centres. This allows you better management of your budgeting and workforce planning.

people2people HR Solutions are vendor neutral: our aim is to meet your requirements within the time frames required through the best possible channels and it is not in our interest to clash with any current suppliers.

people2people HR Solutions can implement a new MSP system seamlessly. For you, it’s business as usual during implementation of a proven methodology configured to your business needs.

people2people HR Solutions is about improving process efficiencies which are consistent and reflect consistency of candidate’s experience.


What does HR Solutions specialise in?

people2people HR solutions provide unbundled services for all or some of your total recruitment processing needs.

How do we benefit from outsourcing the HR admin function?

The main benefit is that you reclaim the time spent on transactional, administrative tasks that can be easily completed by p2p HR solutions. The time you save will be spent on more important specific tasks that will improve your business.

What if we charge our recruitment strategy or PSA partners?

That’s not a problem at all. Situations change all the time and sometimes without notice! That’s what we at p2p HR solutions can accommodate. Communication is key and HR solutions will work very closely with you to understand any upcoming changes that may affect recruitment strategy and change of partners.

Are we able to integrate with your software?

Yes! We operate a state of the art cloud based CRM which you can access at any time to review all contractor details as required

We currently have PSAs in place with specialist recruiters. How do we keep our relationship with them and utilise your service?

p2p HR solutions is all about developing relationships and we value your past associations with specialist recruiters. This will not change. You can continue to utilise your recruiters to find the appropriate staff, all we do is manage the process to ensure continuity of high standard service both ways and incorporate all services in one detailed invoice.

Are you able to integrate with our system?

Yes! We already do with other organisations to access job vacancies and submit relevant candidates right through to completion.

Are the prices fixed?

p2p HR solutions will tailor the price to the task and volume. It would be unfair to have a fixed price for everyone and again, it is negotiated with you and your requirements to establish the right plan of action.

Is there a fixed contract term?

p2p HR solutions is totally flexible and will fit in with your needs. Whether it’s set on a specific task or for a period of time – it all depends on what you need.