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Sophia Rambaldini


Recruitment consultant

Having graduated from Macleay College with a Bachelor of Journalism, I became interested in recruitment and joined the temporary specialist team at people2people in 2018. I am driven and committed to sourcing experienced and reliable candidates and placing them into roles within companies that are the right fit.I use my honest and clear communication as well as my ability to navigate the job market to ensure that the recruitment process is swift and effective.


19th July 2019

Sophia Rambaldini was extremely professional, had great knowledge or her role and what the expectations from my side would be. Sophia explained everything very well and made it very comfortable and easy to reach out to her. 

20th June 2019

Sophia was great! More power to you! I love her confidence and her way to approach me. people2people are amazing and professional people! 

13th May 2019

I was very happy with my recruiter during this process. She is friendly, professional, and helpful. She took the time to get to know me and build a relationship with me. I had a great experience with my recruiter from start to finish. 

25th March 2019

I have been extremely impressed by people2people as a company and especially Sophie Rambaldini whom I have had the most contact with. In fact, I would rate her as outstanding. This is not something I say lightly. I am used to being in roles where I was the recruiter. I was surprised how quickly I received a call from submitting an application. Sophie was clear in outlining the role and asked pertinent questions about me and my work history before offering the opportunity to come in and meet her. The discussions with Sophie were frank but friendly and very positive. She also offered me pertinent advice on my resume which I am very grateful for. Sophie advised me that the company would then call me about the role (which she did) and when I found out I was lucky enough to secure an interview spent about 40-50minutes on a call with me to go over the interview, company etc and that she had emailed me the details of the interview. After this, she kept me up to date every day on the progress of my application which was really appreciated. I have been bowled over by what an amazing Consultant she is. Finally, what was very apparent was that she was there for me but wanted to make sure I was right for the role, right for the client and that she had respect for the relationship that people2people and the company had developed over many years. Thank you for taking the time to ask me this. I congratulate you (and the company) on setting a gold standard for recruitment. I honestly can not fault Sophia or the team on anything.

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