Liam Hassell


Director NSW & Manager, Contract Accounting

As a recruitment partner, Liam’s goal is to build performance in your business through attracting and placing the right people. His role is to understand the requirements of clients and capabilities of candidates in order to deliver quality talent fast. An integral part of this role is developing strong relationships with both parties and having the ability to provide consultation and advice based on sound market knowledge. Liam is always happy to discuss labour market trends, technology trends & their impact on business, attraction and retention strategy, digital sourcing strategies and evolving organisational structures.


Jade, Finance Manager
12th November 2015

Liam always offers fantastic service. Having not spoken to him in a long time I  knew i could rely on him providing me with a perfect solution at the short notice i had. He has now both successfully placed me into a job and has been of great service to me as a client when I’ve needed to fill positions in my team

Nadine, Head of Finance
15th June 2015

Liam understands how I like to work. I can speak frankly and get an honest assessment of what candidates are available and suggestions for what might work. He always has a good range of candidates for long and short term roles. He is very easy to work with and not too pushy or ‘salesy’.

Troy, Commercial Manager
12th February 2016

Liam is most exceptional as he is proactive in finding talent, and knowledge of what is involved in the roles he is looking to fill.

Kathy, National Shared Services Manager
12th February 2016

My impressions of my consultant is that Liam has taken the time to understand the business and culture of what is required,acts professionally with terrific people skills and wonderful manner. Most impressive is his ability to respond honestly,quickly and keep you informed at all times.