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Are you Being Ripped off by Your Recruiter?

It can be confusing to try and understand all of the fees you are charged for employing temporary staff. Each year sees changes to the minimum wage and award rates, which can translate to increased costs for you. So, how are these rates calculated...



Why Are We Rewarding Job Hoppers?

Networking events were something I was being constantly told about by my partner, friends and work colleagues. So when my colleague sent me an invitation for Auckland Young Professionals I thought ...



The Pros and Cons of Securing a Reference From Your Current Employer

The reason that job seekers are asked to provide references is so that their credentials – such as their education, job title, and dates of employment – can be verified. References also help to det...



The ABC’s of a Temporary Services Recruitment Consultant

Last night I received an email from person whom I assisted several times. Since 2013, I have built a strong professional relationship with him and he was emailing me to tell me that as a result of ...



NZ Recruitment - Should We Open Up Our Perspectives

With New Zealand unemployment rates being at around 4.3% at the time of writing, it is a very talent short market and this is reflected by all those in the recruitment market and those hiring manag...



No, We Don’t Charge You to Find You a Job!

The general question most job seekers ask us when entering the job market is about recruitment fees: Why should I have to pay recruiters to find me a job? Or Is it going to come out of my pay? Thes...



Everyone Deserves a Response – Why It’s Wrong to Only Contact Shortlisted Candidates

A major challenge of being a recruiter is handling all of the applications that come in. It all comes to a head when you have to deal with candidates that you aren’t interested in hiring. While you...



Get the Most out of Working with a Recruiter

Navigate the Way to Your Dream Job Recruiters sometimes get a bad rap, and sometimes it’s justified, for not looking after their candidates. For being all over them when they’re a match for a job b...

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