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Frog Recruitment and people2people: a Formidable New Alliance

In the very competitive recruitment and staffing industry, it is rare to find two organisations that have aligned values and purpose - to make a difference through innovation and enterprise. I was delighted, then, to be introduced to Jane Kennelly...


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2019 Super Rugby Season – people2people Tipping Competition Winners

Another super rugby season is done and dusted, and the trophy and bragging rights remain with the Crusaders. The season was not without its controversy – with the Sunwolves being axed from the comp...


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Career Insights Blog Series - CFO

As part of people2people’s ‘career insights blog series’ we speak with Megan Millman, a senior finance executive with over 18 years’ experience. Megan started her career within a large accounting f...


Employer insights

What Is Going on in the New Zealand Job Market?

After the release of our p2p post in April 2019 - a comprehensive market update with a detailed report on salaries, employee shortages, market trends and the benefits different firms are offering, ...


Employer insights

What I Have Learnt in the Auckland Recruitment Market

2019 is flying by, fast! I was ‘fast out of the blocks’ in late 2018 and soon realised that even though recruitment is recruitment, the market in Auckland is so different. The people are amazing an...


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My First ‘Real’ Job

I stumbled upon the recruitment industry. It felt like it found me, in a way. I had just finished my bachelor’s degree in counselling and truly struggled with who I was in the world, what my purpos...


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The ABC’s of a Temporary Services Recruitment Consultant

Last night I received an email from person whom I assisted several times. Since 2013, I have built a strong professional relationship with him and he was emailing me to tell me that as a result of ...


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Cheers to Eleven Years!

11 years ago (2007), bright eyed and bushy tailed; I entered the weird and wonderful world of recruitment with people2people in Sydney. At that time, people2people was in its third year of operatio...


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Auckland, Really?!

Why is it that I always seem to work with Kiwi’s? What sort of magical sway do people from the land of the long white cloud seem to have over me? Is it their laid back style, strong work ethic or i...

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