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How to Rebound After Redundancy

It’s no secret, we are in the midst of ongoing turbulent times as many companies throughout Australia and the rest of the world restructure and cost-cut. Hand-in-hand with this, unfortunately comes redundancy. No matter how you cut it, redundancy ...


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Are Years of Experience a True Measure When Applying for a New Job

My partner was thinking of moving on from his current role and in true fashion, he came to me to have a chat about being a job seeker, editing his CV and applying for roles (not that he ever listen...


Job hunting tips

The Top 5 Most Desirable Employee Benefits

Discover the top 5 most desirable employee benefits Getting paid has traditionally been the main reason for going to work, however, in recent years, employees and job seekers are looking at what be...


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Five Things to Consider When Conducting Interviews

I was privileged to attend a training program with Ross Clennett recently - “The Advanced Recruiter”. I enjoy Ross’s blogs and many recent posts have focussed on candidates and the best way to inte...


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How to Keep Yourself Motivated Going into the New Year

Before our social media feeds get flooded with all those “New year - New me” posts, I think it’s important to ask yourself some important questions about your current performance and how that dicta...


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Merry Christmas – From Our Family to Yours

Australia is a melting pot of all cultures and people from diverse backgrounds. From early on in our history, significant historical events from the Gold Rush, WW1, WW2 and the Vietnam War brought ...


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I’m Working, I’m Studying, and I’m Trying to do Life! Help!

Managing your day can be trying at the best of times. Add in studying part-time whilst juggling full-time work, and your days can feel almost insurmountable. To put the cherry on top, you have soci...


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Silence is Not Always Golden

As recruiters we are the intermediary between employers and candidates, each party relying on us to relay messages, keep the process moving forward, and ensuring the desired outcome - a happy clien...


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Job Interviews: Confidence is Key

If the thought of interviews gives you a sinking feeling in your stomach, you’re not alone! For many, it can be a very daunting and uncomfortable process, sitting in front of the interviewer being ...


Job hunting tips

Who Is in Your Network

I was recently introduced to a jobseeker looking to return to the workforce after a career break, pursuing interests outside of his usual area of work - accounting. Nothing unusual there you might ...

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