How Many Recruitment Companies You Should Contact

As a recruiter, one of the questions I get the most from people during an interview is how many agencies they should sign up with. How many you should sign up with is down to the individual candidate. There’s no golden rule when it comes to signin...



What to Do – and What Not to Do – When Calling in Sick as a Temp

Businesses hire temp workers because they need a little extra help in the short term. Be it to cover sick leave, holidays, or working on a large scale project, temp workers are valuable resources f...



Everyone Deserves a Response – Why It’s Wrong to Only Contact Shortlisted Candidates

A major challenge of being a recruiter is handling all of the applications that come in. It all comes to a head when you have to deal with candidates that you aren’t interested in hiring. While you...



How Can I Get Local Job Experience if I Can’t Get Hired Without It?

Today’s post is inspired by a recent comment from an immigrant that was struggling to find work since moving to the country. He’s a qualified accountant and has plenty of years of experience, and t...



Get the Most out of Working with a Recruiter

Navigate the Way to Your Dream Job Recruiters sometimes get a bad rap, and sometimes it’s justified, for not looking after their candidates. For being all over them when they’re a match for a job b...



Think Before You Sack Someone for Theft

This is a really good article from the New Zealand Stuff news website about the perils of firing staff for stealing. Whilst this has nothing to do with recruitment, I thought this was a great promp...



Goal Setting for 2019

With Christmas being around the corner, I usually like to take a step back and evaluate the year that has passed as well as set some goals for the New Year. I am a visual person, so I normally like...



How to Better Your Chances at Snagging a Job

Sometimes you'll be browsing a job board, actively seeking for ads that may catch your attention when you spot bullet points stating you need X amount of years of experience or have graduated with ...



Your Personal Guide to: Writing a NZ CV

Feeling stuck on how to write up your NZ CV? Look no further than right here! Writing up a resume can be daunting or annoying or even just plain boring, so here’s a guide to get your CV looking spi...



Why I Became a Recruiter

I don't think anyone grows up thinking that they would like to become a recruiter. Most recruiters I meet always have a story as to how they have ended up in the role. My story goes that a close fr...

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