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How to Turn Down a Job

So you have been offered a job, but for whatever reason, you need to decline the offer. How do you tell them “No” without looking unprofessional? Firstly, you don’t have to accept every job you are offered. But you should handle the situation with...



How Many Recruitment Companies You Should Contact

As a recruiter, one of the questions I get the most from people during an interview is how many agencies they should sign up with. How many you should sign up with is down to the individual candida...



What to Do – and What Not to Do – When Calling in Sick as a Temp

Businesses hire temp workers because they need a little extra help in the short term. Be it to cover sick leave, holidays, or working on a large scale project, temp workers are valuable resources f...



How Can I Get Local Job Experience if I Can’t Get Hired Without It?

Today’s post is inspired by a recent comment from an immigrant that was struggling to find work since moving to the country. He’s a qualified accountant and has plenty of years of experience, and t...



Goal Setting for 2019

With Christmas being around the corner, I usually like to take a step back and evaluate the year that has passed as well as set some goals for the New Year. I am a visual person, so I normally like...



How to Better Your Chances at Snagging a Job

Sometimes you'll be browsing a job board, actively seeking for ads that may catch your attention when you spot bullet points stating you need X amount of years of experience or have graduated with ...

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