What to Wear to an Interview

It’s the night before an interview and you’ve just finished your research on the company, what their values are, and who you’ll be meeting tomorrow when suddenly you remember - “What am I even going to wear?!” Fear not, for I am here to tell you! ...



What’s Wrong with My CV?

Have you ever applied for a job, waiting with bated breath and hoping to get a call, only to open your inbox a few days later and receive a rejection email? More than likely its because there maybe...



Choosing a Good Recruiter

Choosing a good recruiter shouldn’t be left to chance. Good recruiters will have your best interests at heart and will work hard to present you with genuine career options. Be committed If you woul...


Job hunting

5 Steps to Save Yourself Time and Money on Resume Writing

It’s that time again, time to dust off your resume and update it as you have decided it’s time to make your next career move. But where do you start? Do you need to invest hundreds of dollars and p...


Job hunting

No One Will Hire Me Without New Zealand Experience

This is something I see across almost every day. You have put great work into the preparation of your CV to support the great experience you have gained… in your home country. Many New Zealand busi...



Anything Boys Can Do, Girls Can Do Better

I was asked today why we should celebrate International Women’s Day. For me it is a chance to focus on the positives, think back to influencers in my life and to highlight the achievements of some ...



Tips for Changing Jobs Whilst Already Employed

We have all been in a situation where you desperately want a career change, but do not want to let your current employer know. Plain and simple, everyone wants to grow and be the best that they can...



Instead of Marketing Yourself to Millions, Sell Yourself to One

When using a recruitment agency, it’s always best to use the first introduction, whether it be a causal phone conversation or a face to face interview, as your baseline standard for entering the jo...



3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Hiring a Temp

An increased demand in the job market for temporary job opportunities, people2people are experiencing an increased demand in the number of people interested in temporary work. This demand has been ...



The World Accommodates You for Fitting In, but Only Rewards You for Standing Out

Having just experienced the NZ job market and commencing my career with people2people in New Zealand, I’ve had the first hand opportunity to assess the key highlights, that make job seekers stand o...

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