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Hello December – New Year, New Me

Happy holiday season! As 2020 is fast approaching, you may notice a decline in recruitment activity as candidates focus on spending time with their friends and family and employers put a halt on recruitment as decision-makers go on leave. Here are...


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Are References still Important?

References have always been the final and deciding factor in the recruitment process and will have a big impact on whether a candidate does or doesn’t get a job. It allows the potential new employe...


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Beware the Office Christmas Party

It’s Christmas next month. I just had to say that out loud, so you are all as horrified as I am (three kids, no shopping done – sigh). This also means the annual Office Christmas Party looms. Now, ...


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Retention Starts from Day One

After ten years in the recruitment industry, I have seen it all. And the question I get asked most from my clients is, “Tanya, how do I ensure my newly hired staff member stays with the business?” ...


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The Benefit of Hiring Temps

The temporary employment market is always booming with candidates. Why the need for a temp in your workplace, you ask? How about - staff on leave, or away sick, a special project, seasonal peaks or...


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Are You Change Resistant?

Change in the workplace can be difficult, but inevitable, nonetheless. Technology and digitisation have dramatically impacted most workplaces, rapidly increasing the speed of change. Disruption and...


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Supporting Your Employees Through Long Term Illness

I recently had 51 weeks off work. I wish I’d been jet setting around the globe but in reality, the only frequent flier miles I racked up were at my local hospital (believe me, I had plenty of jokes...


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I’m Working, I’m Studying, and I’m Trying to do Life! Help!

Managing your day can be trying at the best of times. Add in studying part-time whilst juggling full-time work, and your days can feel almost insurmountable. To put the cherry on top, you have soci...


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Getting Recruitment Right: Personality Fit Versus Skill Fit

In my experience as a recruiter, I have come across many clients who mention the need for a candidate who is the right “personality fit” or “culture fit”. A candidate’s attitude and personality alm...


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Customer Service: Are You Doing It Well?

The customer is always right! How often have we heard those words? I have worked in customer service (hospitality) since my early teens as my parents have run a successful restaurant in Sydney’s Ea...

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