Goal Setting for 2019

With Christmas being around the corner, I usually like to take a step back and evaluate the year that has passed as well as set some goals for the New Year. I am a visual person, so I normally like to do a vision board. I feel like a kid again wit...



How to Better Your Chances at Snagging a Job

Sometimes you'll be browsing a job board, actively seeking for ads that may catch your attention when you spot bullet points stating you need X amount of years of experience or have graduated with ...



Your Personal Guide to: Writing a NZ CV

Feeling stuck on how to write up your NZ CV? Look no further than right here! Writing up a resume can be daunting or annoying or even just plain boring, so here’s a guide to get your CV looking spi...



Why I Became a Recruiter

I don't think anyone grows up thinking that they would like to become a recruiter. Most recruiters I meet always have a story as to how they have ended up in the role. My story goes that a close fr...



Believe, then You Can Achieve

From an early age, we are taught to ‘dream big’ or reach for the stars. As children, we think the world is a wide and wonderful place, that anything is possible. But we grow up and (sadly) realise ...


Customer service

Customer Service - Inside and Out!

Customer service is an integral part of any organisation. Most organisations have specialist divisions for customer service and train their customer service agents. But how many organisations train...



How to Have Your Working Holiday and Career Too

So you’ve secured your working holiday visa and you’re getting your ‘must see and do’ list together but if you’re going to get past the first on the list you’re going to have to get some work to fu...



The Cheat Sheet to Acing the SAO Method

Interviews can be daunting for a number of reasons, but one main cause is that you don’t fully know what to expect, especially with regards to what questions may be asked. However, what CAN be expe...



Keep Your Head Up, Trooper

In the world of recruitment, they say that the highs are extraordinary. The feeling of placing a job seeker in a new role, having them express how grateful and appreciative they are towards you, kn...



When a 360 Recruiter has to pull a 180

In this tight job seeker market in New Zealand, reading a great resume is sometimes like a needle in a haystack, so it is imperative to snap up those quality job seekers before they disappear. Just...

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