How to Have Your Working Holiday and Career Too

So you’ve secured your working holiday visa and you’re getting your ‘must see and do’ list together but if you’re going to get past the first on the list you’re going to have to get some work to fund these exciting trips and experiences. It is cal...



The Cheat Sheet to Acing the SAO Method

Interviews can be daunting for a number of reasons, but one main cause is that you don’t fully know what to expect, especially with regards to what questions may be asked. However, what CAN be expe...



Keep Your Head Up, Trooper

In the world of recruitment, they say that the highs are extraordinary. The feeling of placing a job seeker in a new role, having them express how grateful and appreciative they are towards you, kn...



When a 360 Recruiter has to pull a 180

In this tight job seeker market in New Zealand, reading a great resume is sometimes like a needle in a haystack, so it is imperative to snap up those quality job seekers before they disappear. Just...



Cheers to Eleven Years!

11 years ago (2007), bright eyed and bushy tailed; I entered the weird and wonderful world of recruitment with people2people in Sydney. At that time, people2people was in its third year of operatio...



What to Wear to an Interview

It’s the night before an interview and you’ve just finished your research on the company, what their values are, and who you’ll be meeting tomorrow when suddenly you remember - “What am I even goin...



What’s Wrong with My CV?

Have you ever applied for a job, waiting with bated breath and hoping to get a call, only to open your inbox a few days later and receive a rejection email? More than likely its because there maybe...



Choosing a Good Recruiter

Choosing a good recruiter shouldn’t be left to chance. Good recruiters will have your best interests at heart and will work hard to present you with genuine career options. Be committed If you woul...


Job hunting

5 Steps to Save Yourself Time and Money on Resume Writing

It’s that time again, time to dust off your resume and update it as you have decided it’s time to make your next career move. But where do you start? Do you need to invest hundreds of dollars and p...


Job hunting

No One Will Hire Me Without New Zealand Experience

This is something I see across almost every day. You have put great work into the preparation of your CV to support the great experience you have gained… in your home country. Many New Zealand busi...

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