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Career advice

Sorry Dolly, but Working 9 to 5 is NOT the Only Way to Make a Living

​In this day and age, it has become increasingly common to see people working more than one job (sometimes in completely different industries). This can be done for a variety of reasons and often it's not about wanting more money. People are expan...


Career advice

The Art of Networking: Shut up and Listen

Sometimes I find myself going on a rant about something that is completely unrelated to the original topic of conversation I’m involved with. Afterwards, I ask myself: How often do I do this? Why d...


Career advice

Hey You! Sitting on Your Chair! Get Up!

Exercise is important for everyone but it becomes even more important when you work in a desk job. So why should you make sure that you move more during the day and how can you incorporate that ext...


Job hunting tips

Shine Bright like a Diamond

When applying for a new role – your resume is your first selling tool that a future employer/recruiter will see and read – so make sure it hits the mark and that you sell yourself on skills, experi...


Career advice

Don’t Tell Your Team What to Do, Show Them

“You’re a teller - you tell people what you want them to do.” This is the response I received when I asked my Director for feedback on my management style. Brutally honest? Maybe so, but necessary ...


Job hunting tips

What Does Your Shopping List Look Like

How often do you head to the supermarket with your shopping list in hand, telling yourself that you will not veer from that specific list? Now, how often do you leave the supermarket with products ...


Employer insights

We’ve Always Done it This Way!

Have you ever asked why certain things are done at your place of work? If you have, you may well have been told, “I don’t know. It’s just what we do. We’ve always done it this way.” In 2012 Univers...


Career advice

Are you a Negative Nellie?

In my 20 years of interviewing, the one thing that always comes up is the need to coach candidates around negativity. Even the smallest of comments can sit in the interviewer’s mind and distract th...


P2p news

Frog Recruitment and people2people: a Formidable New Alliance

In the very competitive recruitment and staffing industry, it is rare to find two organisations that have aligned values and purpose - to make a difference through innovation and enterprise. I was ...


Job hunting tips

How to Prepare for an Interview 101

The interview process can be a stressful and daunting experience, especially if it is your first ever interview or it has been some time since your last one. How do I stand out from the crowd? What...

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