Application Fails to Avoid with Your Resume and Cover Letter

Do us all a favour and leave the weird and wacky things out of your resume. Every recruiter has their own list of application fails to avoid. There are applications that are so bizarre that the only possible response is to be shocked that someone ...



Top Tips for Temp Workers; The Rules and Benefits of Temporary Work

Temp work is vastly different from being a permanent employee of an organisation. While you are performing work which is similar to that of a permanent employee, as a temp worker you have different...



How to Turn Down a Job

So you have been offered a job, but for whatever reason, you need to decline the offer. How do you tell them “No” without looking unprofessional? Firstly, you don’t have to accept every job you are...



Why Are We Rewarding Job Hoppers?

Networking events were something I was being constantly told about by my partner, friends and work colleagues. So when my colleague sent me an invitation for Auckland Young Professionals I thought ...



The Pros and Cons of Securing a Reference From Your Current Employer

The reason that job seekers are asked to provide references is so that their credentials – such as their education, job title, and dates of employment – can be verified. References also help to det...



What Not to Do If You Want a Pay Rise as a Temp Worker

You’ve just discovered someone is being paid more than you, and it’s made you – understandably – angry. You want to have your hourly rate reviewed. You’re feeling ripped off and demand justice. Wel...



How to Stand out in an Interview

Specialist recruiters meet a lot of job seekers who have a very similar level of skills experience, so how do you stand out so your recruiter will get excited representing you? It is something that...


Human resources

Four-Day Work Weeks: Why More Companies Are Making Them Policy

A generation or so ago, success or the lack thereof was thought to be a direct result of how hard or how not-so-hard you worked. You might be asking yourself, “How does this lead to the topic of fo...



Beware the Social Media Policy

If you are working in a medium to large sized company in Australia, there is a good chance you signed their social media policy documentation somewhere along the way. There is also a good chance yo...



The ABC’s of a Temporary Services Recruitment Consultant

Last night I received an email from person whom I assisted several times. Since 2013, I have built a strong professional relationship with him and he was emailing me to tell me that as a result of ...

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