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Making Great First Impressions

It takes as little as two seconds to form an impression of someone you meet for the first time. Across several studies, participants were asked to give their impressions of teachers based on recorded video clips. The participants’ impressions were...


Job hunting tips

Five Things to Consider When Conducting Interviews

I was privileged to attend a training program with Ross Clennett recently - “The Advanced Recruiter”. I enjoy Ross’s blogs and many recent posts have focussed on candidates and the best way to inte...


Career advice

How Being Hit by a Land Rover Increased my Productivity

On a crisp morning in August, I was out walking my dog Boh early before work. As we crossed the last road of the walk before my house, I looked up and was stunned to see a big dark SUV right in fro...


Job hunting tips

How to Keep Yourself Motivated Going into the New Year

Before our social media feeds get flooded with all those “New year - New me” posts, I think it’s important to ask yourself some important questions about your current performance and how that dicta...


Job hunting tips

Merry Christmas – From Our Family to Yours

Australia is a melting pot of all cultures and people from diverse backgrounds. From early on in our history, significant historical events from the Gold Rush, WW1, WW2 and the Vietnam War brought ...


Career advice

Hello December – New Year, New Me

Happy holiday season! As 2020 is fast approaching, you may notice a decline in recruitment activity as candidates focus on spending time with their friends and family and employers put a halt on re...


Employer insights

Are References still Important?

References have always been the final and deciding factor in the recruitment process and will have a big impact on whether a candidate does or doesn’t get a job. It allows the potential new employe...


Career advice

Beware the Office Christmas Party

It’s Christmas next month. I just had to say that out loud, so you are all as horrified as I am (three kids, no shopping done – sigh). This also means the annual Office Christmas Party looms. Now, ...


Employer insights

Retention Starts from Day One

After ten years in the recruitment industry, I have seen it all. And the question I get asked most from my clients is, “Tanya, how do I ensure my newly hired staff member stays with the business?” ...


Employer insights

The Benefit of Hiring Temps

The temporary employment market is always booming with candidates. Why the need for a temp in your workplace, you ask? How about - staff on leave, or away sick, a special project, seasonal peaks or...

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